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How it started:

First time I saw border collie at the beginning of 1997. I was fascinated by its visual appearance as well as by it’s
character. In June 1997 I bought my first border collie, Daryl Bohemia Alké. Daryl was of excellent character and it
was only a question of time to start to think of next dog purchase.
In November 1998 Foxy Fox kennel was enregistrated.
In June 1999 we bought Daryl’s semi-sister Glare Bohemia Alké.
In October of 1999 I imported to the Czech Republic an adult dog Wendevick Usecasper from Belgium.
,In January 2000 first litter in Foxy Fox kennel was born.
Since this time 46 litters after 21 bitches have been reared. 
In August 2002 Gay Bohemia Alké (Meggi) was bought. Meggi is Glare’s sister.
At the beginning of 2007, Lorelyane, Glare´s granddaughter enlarged our dogs band.
I imported a border collie bitch – Angela Lansbury in August 2007 from Germany. This bitch has very
interested pedigree for me and I’m happy that I could buy her. In the year 2010 we keep Adeen´s daughter

Teysha Foxy Fox. Unfortunately she lost her fight with malign illness in September. For us generally

the year 2010 was very sad. Wendevick Usecasper and Glare Bohemia Alke went Over the rainbow bridge.
 In November 2010 Lorelyane´s very promising and balanced litter arrived. One of biches Unai extended our pack.
I still have no idea when a new dog will enrich our kennel. I want to pay good  attention to my dogs and that is     
the reason why I prefer quality before the quantity of dogs.
My top priority is the fact that the dog is especially my friend; second-rate thing is the breeding.
I’m very happy that some bitches´owners come to be my friends and their bitches will have puppies in my Foxy Fox


I try to seek after the best owners for the puppies. A great attention is paid to the proper
socialization of them – to be adapted to the living in the open-air, to get used to stay at home, to travel,
and to get used to the quantity of new faces. They get faithful care during the whole day. Completely vaccinated and
 wormed puppies are guaranteed.
I keep permanent contacts with the owners of “my puppies” and in case of need to be a good
adviser for them.
The most important thing is to see not only satisfied owners, but also satisfied puppies. It is  
true I give priority to clients interested in training, shows and sport competitions, but also the applicants for a “mere
friend and partner” are not refused.
It is not guaranteed that the puppy is the future world-champion, but a good deal of its future
lies in the hands of the owner and their handiness.


Foxy Fox border collies are really successful in sport, exercising, in dog shows not only in our country but also

And now some results:

Dog shows:
Border collie isn’t a typical breed for shows. Many Border collie’s breeders reprobated shows but I like them.
Shows belong to every breed. Success warm the heart of each owner of the dog, failure must be taken well,
because his dog is the best and the most beautiful one.

Foxy Fox dogs gained:

8 title of International Champion of FCI

60 titles of National Champion of FCI member country

33 titles of Junior Champion of FCI member country

22 titles of Club Champion of Border Collie Club of the Czech Republic  

102 titles of Interchampion expectant

I was very proud to hear about the Foxy Fox dogs titles gained in competition during the European show and
World show.
Faust - CAC
Francis - r.CAC
Carnaby - r.CAC
Jamaica  - r. CAC
World dogshow Bratislava 2010 - Penny - very promising 1
World dogshow Salzburg 2012 - Penny - ex.2, r. CACA, r. CACIB, res. World Winner!!!!!!

Sport and training:

Sport, movement and work are necessary for each border collie. Only some people have the chance to have
sheep at home, so that they are finding compensatory work for their dogs such are agility, flyball, rescue training,
heelwork to music or dog dancing, etc. And it is necessary to add our dogs are also very good in these disciplines.
Foxy Fox dogs passed through 358 exams of different levels and difficultness.
Three -times they started at World agility championship .
It’s impossible to count how many agility competitions Foxy Fox border collies took part in.
Border Collie Club of the Czech Republic Championship 2005:
Adam Foxy Fox first and Faust the second place.
I would like to express a lot of thanks to all owners of Foxy Fox border collies for an excellent cooperation and care
paid to dogs. I am obliged to all of my friends, who are ready to listen to me and help me with some problems.
  And last but not least the biggest thank belongs to my husband for his total support, understanding, his willingness
 to travel with me, to rejoice from any of my successes and especially to share any my crazy ideas.

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