News 2010

Update:  23. 12. 2020, 12:06


26.12. Pictures of U puppies changed. Available is beautifull boy Uncas. He is microchipped, vaccinated, several times dewormed,
          and have pet-passport. Uncas looks very promising for shows and have good drive for work also.

14.12. New photos of puppies from U litter. Still two boys are available.

          They are very promising for shows, sport and breeding.

5.12. International dogshow Wels:  judge - B. Bregenzer A, there presented 36 border collies
                                       Tristan - vp.1

5.12. Wendevick Usecasper has been put to sleep. Casper lived with us long, satisfied and active live.
        I been throu a lot of nice moments with him, succesess on shows and fun with his offsprings.

        I will never forget him and no words can describe how much he meant to us.

4.12. National dogshow Nowa Ruda: judge  - A. Kochan PL
                                       Qaid - ex.4
                                       Rebecca - ex.1, CWC

4.12. Puppies are almost 1 month old. I added new photos.

24.11. We are bringing new photos of our puppies.
          Two beautifull and charming males are available for sale. Both are very promising for shows and breeding.

20.11. International dogshow Nitra: judge - S. Szabo H, there presented  45 border collies
                                                       Adeen - ex.1, CAC, CACIB - She made all requirements to the title C.I.E.
                                     Karrie - vg.
                                     Penny - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB
                                     Roxette - vg.4
                                     Rebecca - ex.3
                                                      Sunny Blue - vg.
                                     Timothy - vp.2   

20.11. Special dogshow Nitra: judge - K. Young UK, there presented 54 border collies
                                Karrie - g.
                                Penny - vg.2
                                                Sunny Blue - vg.4
                                Timothy - vp.1, Best puppy of breed

20.11. International dogshow Nitra: judge - G. Ridarčíková SK, there presented  45 border collies
                                                      Adeen - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB - She made all requirements to the title Champion SK.
                                    Karrie - ex.4
                                    Penny - ex.2, r. CAC
                                                     Sunny Blue - ex.
                                    Timothy - vp.   

15.11. New photos of puppies from U litter - age 10 days. We are very happy with the quality of puppies.

14. 11. International dogshow Braga: Trinity - vp.1, Best puppy of breed

13.11. International dogshow Kielce: judge - W.Werbitskij BLR, there presented 34 border collies
                                                          Karrie - ex.1, CWC
                                                          Sunny Blue - ex.1, Winner of young class

9.11. Casper has 14th birthday today.

5.11. Lorelyane Foxy Fox whelped 8 puppies - 5 boys and 3 girls. All puppies and mother are doing very well. Interested person in this puppies
       ( only boys ) please contact me. More information here.

30.10. Pictures of Lara, Lorelyane, Quido and Trinity changed.

24.10. International dogshow Arcos de Valdevez: Trinity - vp.1, Best puppy of breed, Best puppy of FCI group 1.

17.10. National dogshow Zabrze: judge- J.  Jezienicka PL, there presented 12 border collies
                                   Roxette - ex.1, CWC, Best dog of Breed

12.10. Pictures of Timothy, Sunny Blue and Quinny changed.

9.10. International dogshow České Budějovice: judge - M. Krinke CZ, there presented  61 border collies
                                                                          Roxette - ex.2
                                                                          Rebecca - ex.
                                                                          Timothy - vp.2
                                                                          Tristan - vp.3

2.10. Euro dogshow Celje: judge - B. Banbury GB, there presented  73 border collies
                                          Rebecca - ex.3

2.10. Agility competition Hodonín: Miranda - 2nd place jumping, 7th place  agility, total 3rd place.

30.9. Pictures of Sinjin, Sarah Seal and Timothy changed.

29.9. Lorelyane Foxy Fox is pregnant !

25.9. National dogshow Brno: judge - L. Jančík CZ, there presented 63 border collies
                                              Roxette - ex.1, CAC, National Winner -  He made all requirements to the title Junior champion CZ.
                                              Quick - ex.3
                                              Qaid - ex.4
                                              Tristan - vp.4

25.9. International dogshow  Wroclaw: judge - A. Kochan PL,  there presented 40 border collies
                                                             Timothy - vp. 1

18.9. Norton passed the exam RH- FLA.

15.9. Our little Tyesha went ower the rainbow bridge. For two weeks we where fighting hard for her life with the best vets.  
         Unfortunately her diagnosis meningoencefalomyelitis carred with her another complications and her condition wasn´t compatibility for life.
         I´m very unhappy and I hope to wake up from this nightmare. We will never forget your smile.

11.9. The kennel Tennant came very sad news. Francis Foxy Fox has been put to sleep.

11.9. Regional dogshow Liberec: Felix - ex.1.

6.9. Lorelyane Foxy Fox was mated by beautifull and charming dog Borderline Coutry Justinstyle. More about planned puppies here.

4.9. Agility competition Kroměříž: Elsa - 1st place LA1, Noemi - 3rd place LA1.

4.9. Agility competition Zrcadlová Koza u Turnova : Felix - 1st place LA2.

28.8. Agility competition Vysoké Mýto: Honey - 3rd place LA3.

28.8. International dogshow Mladá Boleslav: judge - A. Grygarová CZ,  there presented 48 border collies
                                                                        Lorelyane - ex.1, CAC
                                                                        Qaid - ex.2
                                                                        Timothy - vp.1
                                                                        Tyesha - vp.1

22.8. Pictures of Roxette, Tango, Tyesha and Trinity changed.

22.8. International dogshow Bratislava: judge - L. Mach CH,  there presented 14 border collies
                                                             Penny - ex.1, CAC, CACIB

21.8. International dogshow Bratislava: judge  - D. Kuzeli BG,  there presented 15 border collies
                                                             Penny - ex.1, CAJC - She made all requirements to the title Slovakian Junior champion.  

21.8. Roxette passed the exam ZVOP.

14. 8.  Agility competition Soběslav: Flash - 4th place LA2.

11.8. Very good DNA tests results arrived today. Crazy - DNA CL normal, Jamaica - DNA CL normal, MDR1 +/+.

7.8. Club show Brno: judges  - R. Tunnicliff - UK and M. Krinke - CZ,  there presented 130 border collies
                                 Berry - ex.1
                                 Ivanhoe - vg.2
                                 Karrie - vg.
                                 Penny - ex.
                                 Quick - vg.
                                 Roxette - vg.
                                 Rebecca - ex.3
                                 Sunny Blue - vp.2
                                 Timothy - vp.2
                                 Tristan - vp.3
                                 Tyesha - vp.1

31.7.-1.8.   Agility competition Opatovice: Elsa - 7th place LA1
                                                                 Noemi - 3rd place agility, 6th place LA1.

From 17th of July until 24th July we were on Foxy Fox holiday in beautiful small village Sekerkovy Loucky.
You can find the pictures from our holiday in actions.

17.7. National dogshow Mladá Boleslav:  judge - T. Havelka SK,  there presented  45 border collies
                                                                 Timothy - vp1                                
                                                                 Sunny Blue - vp
                                                                 Roxette - ex.1, CAJC, JBOB
                                                                 Karrie - ex.2, r. CAC

13.7. A new photo of Terry.

10.7. Agility competition Dvůr Králové n.L.: Honey - 2nd place LA2.

6.7.Pictures of Queen and Rebell changed.

5.7. Agility competition Lomnice: Felix - 4th place LA2.

4.7. National dogshow Bielsko - Biala: judge - T. Stupnicka PL, there presented 16 border collies
                                                         Roxette - ex.2

3.7. National dogshow Wroclaw: judge - I.Muszlai H, there presented 31 border collies
                                                   Berry - ex.1

27.6. Karrie passed the exam OB 1.

23.6. A new photo of Tristan.

19.6. International dogshow Brno:  judge - A. Kochan PL,  there presented  36 border collies
                                                 Raymond - vg.       
                                                 Quick - ex.3
                                                 Penny - ex.1, CAJC She made all requirements to the title Junior champion CZ.
                                                 Lorelyane - ex.1, CAC, CACIB

13.6. A photo of Timothy changed.

12.6. Club dogshow  KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav: judge - P. Paroci  Hr., there presented  26 border collies
                                                                           Roxette - ex.1, CAJC
                                                                           Babsi - ex.1, Best veteran

5. - 6. 6. Agility competition Rozkoš u Čes. Skalice: Blackie - 4th place LA2, 5th place agility, 4th place LA2.

5.6. Agility competition Kláštěrec n/O.: Happy Chunky - 2nd place LA2, 5th place agility, 8th place jumping.

4.6. National dogshow Senec:  judge - G. Ridarčíková SKthere presented  10 border collies
                                                Qaid - ex.3

29.5. Agility competition Česká Lípa: Felix - 1st place LA1, 4th place LA1, total 2nd place.

26.5.  A photo of Sunny Blue changed.

22. -23.5. Agility competition Opava: Crispy - 2nd place LA2, 9th place agility.

22.5.  International dogshow Litoměřice:  judge -  E. Soltesz A,   there presented  33 border collies
                                                                 Jamaica - ex.1, CAC, CACIB

15.5. International dogshow Bratislava:  judge -  J. Davor Hr, there presented 19 border collies
                                                               Penny - ex.1, CAJC, Central-East Europa Junior Winner, BOB
                                                              Jamaica - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB

15.5. National dogshow Jelenia Góra: judge - B. Czempas PL,   there presented 20 border collies
                                                            Adeen - ex.1, CWC
                                                            Lorelyane - ex.1, CWC
Adeen and Lorelyane made all requirements to the title Champion PL.                                             

15.5.  Agility competition Louny: Happy Chunky - 2nd place agility, 2nd place jumping, total 1st place.

15.5. International dogshow  Bratislava:  judge -  J. Korósz-Papp H, there presented 21 border collies
                                                               Penny - ex.3
                                                               Jamaica - ex.1, CAC, CACIB,  Cruft´s Qualification 2011
Jamaica made all requirements to the titles Interchampion and Grandchampion SK.                                             

9.5. Agility competition Opatovice n/L: Elsa - 1st place jumping, 3rd place agility.
                                                             Noemi - 2nd place agility.

8.5. Agility competition Praha: Felix - 2nd place LA1, 7th place agility.

8.5. Agility competition Česká Lípa: Happy Chunky - 7th place LA2.

8.5. Regional dogshow Hlučín:  judge - K. Hořák CZ
                                                 Roxette - ex.1, Junior Winner

7.5. Pictures of Penny, Quaid and Sarah Seal changed.

2.5. Special border collies show Opatovice: judge - S. Naprawnik A, there presented 76 border collies
                                                                     Berry - ex1, Best veteran
                                                                     Ivanhoe - ex. 2, r. CAC
                                                                     Keary - ex.1, CAC
                                                                     Qaid - ex.3
                                                                     Lorelyane - ex.1, CAC
                                                                     Noris - ex.2, r. CAC
                                                                     Penny - ex.1, CAJC, Junior Winner of special show
                                                                     Rebecca - ex.
                                                                     Sarah Seal - vp.2
The Foxy Fox is apprecitated at show by The Best kennel.

2.5. National dogshow Bánská Bystrica:  judge - K. Fiszdon Pl, there presented  21 border collies
                                                               Jamaica - ex.1, CAC

1.5. International dogshow Praha: judge - S. Schaffer A, there presented  45 border collies
                                                      Rebecca - ex.2
                                                      Penny - ex.
                                                      Jamaica - ex.1, CAC, CACIB, Cruft´s Qualification 2011

30.4. On web are new photos of pupies in the age of 7 weeks. Only one boy is free. He is very promising puppy, he has rich pigmentation,
strong bones, and beautiful head. He is very nice with people, excellent well-balanced character, mettled and playful.
Teeth and testicles are O.K., CEA DNA  and TNS DNA normal by parentage. For the boy we are looking for owner who is interested in shows and

24.4. International dogshow Opole: judge - G. Ridarčíková SK, there presented  45 border collies
                                                        Penny - ex.1, Junior Winner
                                                        Lorelyane - ex.1, CAC, CACIB

24.4. International dogshow České Budějovice: judge - A. Kováčová SK, there presented  50 border collies
                                                                          Rebecca - ex.
                                                                          Jamaica - ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB -  She made all requirements to the title Grandchampion CZ.

16. -17. 4. Agility competition Hradec Králové: Elis Blue - 1st place jumping
                                                                         Elsa - 4th place LA1, 6th place LA1, 5th place jumping
                                                                         Honey - 2nd place LA2

17.4. Cler ( Glare Bohemia Alke ) died for cancer. Ten years of life is definitely far too little for best friend. We never forget.....                                    

17.4. Club dogshow KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav: judge - M. Marušková CZ, there presented 42 border collies
                                                                        Jamaica - ex.1, CAC
                                                                        Babsi - ex.1, Best veteran

11.4. New photos of puppies from litter T. One boy is available for sale.

10.4. National dogshow Ostrava: judge - O. Vondrouš CZ,  there presented 46 border collies
                                                   Quick - ex.1, CAJC
                                                   Roxette - vg.
                                                   Raymond - vg.
                                                   Sunny Blue - vp.2
                                                   Jamaica - ex.1, CAC
                                                   Karrie - ex.2, r. CAC

5.4. Agility competition Loket: Flash - 5th place agility.

3.4. Agility competition Masečín: Happy Chunky - 3rd place LA2 and 4th place LA2

30.3. We changed new photos of our T-puppies.

28.3. International dogshow Katowice:  judge - J. Korozs - Papp  H,  there presented 41 border collies
                                                              Roxette - ex.
                                                              Jamaica - ex.1, CWC, CACIB - She made all requirements to the title Champion PL.

27.3. National dogshow Nitra: judge - H. Gábor  H,  there presented 18 border collies
                                               Qaid - ex.2
                                               Penny - ex. 2
                                               Lorelyane ex.1, CAC  = Champion of Slovakia
                                               Jamaica - ex.1, CAC

27.3. Rebecca passed the exam ZOP.

25.3. Pictures of Felix and Sarah Seal changed.

22.3. I added new photos of litter ,, T ".

20. - 21.3. Agility competition Hradec Králové: Blackie - 5th place LA2, 6th place LA2, 7th place agility
                                                                         Elsa - 3rd place LA1
                                                                         Honey - 7th place LA2, 10th place jumping
                                                                         Noemi - 4th place LA1, 6th place agility, 7th place jumping.

15.3. New photos of puppies from age of 1 week.

13.3. Mia passed the exam ZVOP.

10.3. Pictures of Roxette and Sinjin changed.

7.3. Simaro Angela Lansbury have birth six puppies. More information on " T " litter.

7.3. International dogshow Graz: judge - S. Schaffer A, there presented  44 border collies
                                                    Jamaica - ex.1, CACA, r. CACIB
                                                   She made all requirements to the title Austrian Champion.

6.3. Regional dogshow České Budějovice: judge - T. Havelka SK
                                                                   Rebecca - ex. 1, Junior Winner

27.- 28.2. Agility competition Hradec Králové: Blackie - 1st place LA2, 5th place agility
                                                                        Elis Blue - 2nd place LA2

13.2. Pictures of Ortty, Orfeus, Quick, Quentin and Sunny Blue changed.

7.2. Hood died for lymphatic nodes carcinoma. We never forget.....

7.2. International dogshow Brno: judge - M. Redlicki PL,  there presented 54 border collies
                                                    Quick - ex.2
                                                    Roxette - ex.4
                                                    Penny - ex. 1, CAJC
                                                    Lorelyane ex.2, r. CAC, r. CACIB
                                                    Karrie - vg.
                                                    Jamaica - ex.1, CAC

1.2. Adeen ( Simaro Angela Lansbury) is pregnant!

30.1. A photo of Rufus changed.

28.1. New pictures of litters "S" 7  weeks old.

23. - 24.1. Agility competition Hradec Králové: Blackie - 2nd place jumping, 3rd place agility, 3rd place LA3
                                                                         Faust - 6th place agility
                                                                         Noemi - 4th place LA1.

23.1. International dogshow Trenčín: judge - T. Havelka SK, there presented 26 border collies
                                                          Penny - ex. 1, CAJC
                                                          Jamaica - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB
                                                          Jamaica made all requirements to the title Slovakian Champion.

16.1. International dogshow Ljubljana: judge - B. Kremser SLO, there presented 16 border collies
                                                             Ivanhoe - ex.1, CAC, CACIB
                                                             He made all requirements to the title International Champion.

16.- 17.1. Agility competition Svidnov: Crispy - 2nd place  agility, 5th place  LA2
                                                            Carnaby - 6th place LA2, 8th place agility.    

16. 1. Agility competition Nučice: Happy Chunky - 3rd place agility, 1st place jumping.

12.1. Pictures of Penny, Proxy, Rebecca and Raymond changed.

10.1. National dogshow Olomouc: judge - T. Havelka SK there presented 47 border collies
                                                      Raymond  - vp1
                                                     Jamaica - ex.1, CAC, National Winner, BOB
                                                     She made all requirements to the title Champion CZ.

7.1. Today Adeen ( Simaro Angela Lansbury) was mated by Kerrybrent Nz Midnite Solo.

5.1. New photos of girls from litters "S" 4  weeks old.

4.1. Dery has new photos in his photogallery. Picture of Quick changed.

2. - 3.1. Agility competition Louny: Happy Chunky - 3rd place LA2, 8th place LA2.


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