News 2007

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30.12. Pictures of Noemi and Norton changed.

29.12. Agility competition Hodonín: Flash - 4th place agility, 7th place LA2.

21.12. New photo of Noisy.

9.12. Pictures of Felix and Miranda changed.

2.12. International dogshow Wels: Honki Tonki - ex.2, r. CACA.

2.12. National dogshow Nowa Ruda: Felix - ex.2.

1. - 2.12. Agility competition Hradec Králové: Blackie - 2nd place LA3
                                                                       Elis - 3rd place jumping, 4th place LA2, 7th place LA2
                                                                       Faust - 1st place LA3
                                                                       Greta - 6th place LA2
                                                                       Honey - 4th place LA2, 9th place LA2

1.12. International dogshow Wels: Honki Tonki - ex.3

26.11. New information from Optigen laboratories, Greta is DNA CEA Normal!!!

18.11. New photos: Berry, Ivanhoe, Lorelyane, Miranda and Adeen.

17.11.International dogshow Praha: judge - Hadžić Refet - BIH, there presented 96 border collies.
                                                      Krislyn - vg. intermediate dogs
                                                      Felix - ex. open dogs
                                                      Geri - ex.2, r. CAC champion dogs
                                                      Melody - vp. young bitches
                                                      Lorelyane - ex.  junior bitches
                                                      Daisy - ex.4 open bitches
                                                      Ikeya - ex.3 working bitches

10.- 11.11. Agility competition Třebíč:  Blackie - 2nd place agility, 7th place agility
                                                    Babsi - 3rd place LA2, 9th place agility
                                                    Ikeya - 7th place LA1, 8th place LA1

9.11. Casper has 11th birthday, today and he is still in great condition!!!

3. - 4.11. Agility competition Kladno: Blackie - 1st place agility, 2nd place jumping
                                                          Daisy - 5th place LA3, 7th place LA3
                                                          Honey  - 5th place agility

3.11. International dogshow Nitra: judge - L. Okleščen - SLO, there presented 42 border collies
                                                   Ivanhoe - ex.2, r. CAC
                                                   Adam - ex.2, r. CAC
                                                   Adeen - vp.
                                                   Lorelyane - ex.1, CAJC
Special show Nitra: judge - A. Redlická - PL, there presented 53 border collies
                               Keary - ex.1
                               Ivanhoe - ex.4
                               Adam - ex.2, r. CAC
                               Adeen - vp.1
                               Miranda - vp.2
                               Lorelyane - ex.3
                               Karrie - vg.2

3.11. New photos: Adeen and Melody.

28.10. Agility competition Praha: Daisy - 1st place jumping.

27.- 28.10. Agility competition Hlučín: Ikeya - 5th place LA1, 6th place agility.

27.10. New pictures: Happy Chunky, Mystery and Adeen.

21.10.Berry and Ivanhoe passed the exam ZVV1. Berry made all requirements to the title Champion CZ.

20.- 21.10. Agility competition Olomouc: Ikeya - 1st place LA1, 3rd place jumping.

20.10. Agility competition Česká Lípa: Faust - 2nd place jumping, 5th place LA3.

20.10. Lorelyane passed the exam ZVOP ( herding instinct test ).

19.10. New photos: Faust, Melanie and Mia.

14.10. Agility competition Louny: Flash - 2nd place LA2.
                                                    Babsi -1st place LA1, 2nd place  agility.

13.10. Agility competition Mladá Boleslav: Daisy - 2nd place LA2.
                                                                   Faust - 3rd place agility, 3rd place LA3.

6. - 7.10. Agility competition Ostrava: Ikeya - 2nd place jumping, 2nd place LA1, 3rd place LA1, 4th place agility.

6. - 7.10. Agility competition Havlovice: Faust - 2nd place agility, 2nd place LA3, 4th place agility, 4th place LA3.
                                                              Greta-  5th place jumping, 5th place LA1, 6th place jumping.

6.10. International dogshow České Budějovice:  judge - A. Kováčová, SK, there presented 21 border collies
                                                                            Lorelyane - ex.1, CAJC, BOB
                                                                            Melody - vp.2

29.9. Special show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav: judge - A. Polgar, there presented 38 border collies.
                                                                       Ivanhoe - ex.2, r. CAC
                                                                       Lorelyane - ex.3

28.9. Agility competition Dubenec: Faust - 1st place LA3, 1st place agility, 3rd place jumping.

28.9. Agility competition Praha: Daisy - 1st place LA2, Flash - 2nd place LA2.

27.9. New pics: Faust, Lorelyane, Mr. Fox and Neo.

22.9. Crazy passed the exam ZVOP.

19.9. New photos: Adeen, Crazy, Ivanhoe, Krislyn, Lorelyane, Melanie, Melody, Miranda, Mystery, Noemi and Noisy.

16.9.Regional dogshow Dolní Benešov: judge - V. Mojžíš - CZ
                                                              Ivanhoe - ex.1
                                                              Karrie - ex.1, Regional Winner

From 9th of September until 14th September we were on Foxy Fox holiday in beautiful small village Sekerkovy Loucky near Turnov.
The mail topic of our holiday was to show to our,,towndogs” with herd of sheep. You can find the pictures from our holiday in actions.

8.9. National dogshow Brno: judge - V. Mojžíš - CZ, there presented 36 border collies.
                                                         Krislyn - ex.1, CAC
                                                         Ivanhoe - ex.1, CAC, National Winner
                                                         Lorelyane - ex.3
                                                         Karrie - ex.
                                                         Ikeya ex.1, CAC

8.9. Agility competition Nymburk: Flash - 5th place LA2.

4.9. New photos: Happy Chunky, Kaira, Karrie, Lara and Miranda.

24.8. We obtained from Germany very nice black and white border collie puppy – Simaro Angela Lansbury – Adeen.
        We are really happy that we have opportunity to obtain this nice and promising puppy. Silvia, thank you a lot!!! We are planning for Adeen a
        rescue dog path. Petra Opocenska, my friend and co owner of Adeen, will train her.

18.8. Keary passed the exam ZVP1.

18.8. Pictures of Mia, Norton and Noisy changed.

12.8. Agility competition Ostrava: Ikeya - 3rd place LA1, 5th place LA1.

12.8. Agility competition Louny: Flash - 2nd place LA2.

12.8. New pics: Faust, Iowa, Keary, Lara and Miranda.

9.8. New photos from Club show are in actions.

4.8. Club show BCCCZ Brno: judge - B. Kilsby - GB, there presented 130 border collies.
                                                      Krislyn - ex.3 intermediate dogs
                                                      Keary - ex.4 intermediate dogs
                                                      Flash - ex. open dogs
                                                      Ivanhoe - vg. open dogs
                                                      Berry Blue - ex.3 working dogs
                                                      Faust - ex.2, r. CAC champion dogs
                                                      Adam - ex.3 champion dogs
                                                      Geri - ex.4  champion dogs
                                                      Casper - ex.1, Best veteran - veteran dogs
                                                      Mia - vp puppy bitches
                                                      Lorelyane - vp1, Best young - young bitches
                                                      Daisy vg. - open bitches
                                                      Ikeya vg.3 - working bitches
                                                      Francis - ex.2, r. CAC champion bitches
                                                      Daryl ex.1 - veteran bitches

28.7. We have very sad new. A car felled Nick Foxy Fox and this accident finished Nick´s short life.

28. 7. Agility competition Jaroměř: Faust - 2nd place agility.

26.7. New photos: Melody, Noris and Noemi.

22.7. Pictures of Mahony and Neo changed.

21.7. National dogshow Mladá Boleslav: Adam - ex.2, r. CAC.

17.7. New pics:  Huckelberry, Keary, Mystery and Nick.

14.7. Agility competition Kladno: Daisy - 4th place LA2.
        Agility competition Dvůr Králové: Honey- 3rd place LA2.

13.7. New photos: Keary and Lorelyane.

30.6. Agility competition Kostelec: Faust - 2nd place agility.
        Agility competition Louny: Flash - 3rd place LA2.
        Agility competition Třinec: Carnaby - 4th place LA2.

30.6. New pictures: Hood, Happy Chunky, Karrie, Mia, Noisy.

23.6. International dogshow Brno: judge M. Krinke CZ, there presented 29 border collies
                                                      Lorelyane - vp.1
                                                      Keary - ex.2, r.CAC
                                                      Ivanhoe - vg.4

17.6. Ikeya passed the exam IPO- V.

17.6. Agility competition Plzeň: Francis - 1st place LA2.

16.6. Agility competition Dubenec: Faust - 1st place LA3, 1st place agility.

9.-10.6.Agility competition Rýzmburk: Faust - 2 x 2nd place LA3, 6th place agility.
                                                            Elis Blue - 2nd place LA2, 6th place LA2.

9.6. Berry Blue and Ivanhoe passed the exam ZVOP.

7.6. New photos: Crazy, Flash, Ikeya, Jamaica, Karo, Lara, Lorelyane, Miranda.

3.6. Karrie passed the exam ZPU1 and Krislyn passed the exam ZOP.

2.6. Ikeya passed the exam ZPU1 and Keary passed the exam ZZZ.

31.5. New pictures of litter ,, N ".

26.5. Agility competition Česká Skalice: Flash - 4th place LA2.
                                                               Greta-  6th place jumping.

24.5. New pics of litter ,, N ".

19. -20.5. Agility competition Lanžov: Faust - 2x 1st place  agility, 1st place jumping, 5th place LA3

19.5. Ikeya passed the exam ZVV1.

13.5. Agility competition Praha: Faust- 1st place  agility, 1st place jumping, 2nd place LA3.
                                                   Flash - 3rd place LA2.

13.5. New photos of litter ,, N".

12.5. Agility competition Tábor: Adam - 1st place jumping.

12.5. Agility competition Prostějov: Faust - 1st place agility, 4th place LA3.

9.5. New photos of litter ,, M".

6.5. Clubshow BCCCZ Pardubice:  judge  - E. Singer - Austria,there presented 85 border collies
                                                                Krislyn - ex. 4  junior dogs
                                                                Keary - ex.2, r.CAC  intermediate dogs
                                                                Ivanhoe - ex.  open
                                                                Berry Blue - ex.2, r.CAC working dogs
                                                                Adam - ex. 4 champion dogs
                                                                Faust - ex.1, CAC, BOB  champion dogs
                                                                Casper - ex. 2  veteran dogs
                                                                Lorelyane - vp3  puppy bitches
                                                                Kitty - ex.  junior dogs
                                                                Jamaica - ex.2, r.CAC  intermediate bitches
                                                                Karrie - vg.3  intermediate bitches
                                                                Honey - ex.  open bitches
                                                                Ikeya - vg.  open bitches
                                                                Daisy - vg.  open bitches
                                                                Daryl  - ex.1 veteran bitches
 The Foxy Fox is apprecitated  at show  by The Best kennel.

5.- 6.5. Agility competition Marianské Lázně: Babsi -  1st place agility, 2nd place agility, 5th place LA2, 5th place jumping.
                                                                       Geri - 2nd place LA1, 3rd place LA1.

5.5. Keary passed the exam ZZO.

5.5. Agility competition Rychnov n.K.: Faust - 4th place LA3.
                                                            Blackie - 5th place LA3.

1.5. Keary passed the exam ZOP.

28. 4. Agility competition Dvůr Králové n.L.: Faust - 1st place LA3.

28.4. International dogshow Praha: judge B.Ovesná CZ, there presented 55 border collies
                                                       Ginger - ex. 2, r. CAC - open bitches

23.4. New photos of litter ,, M" and Lorelyane.

22.4. First photos of litter ,, N ".

21. - 22. 4. Agility competition Ostrava: Faust - 1st place agility, 2nd place LA3, 4th place jumping.

22.4. Honey passed the exam BH.

21.4. International dogshow České Budějovice: judge V. Mojžíš CZ, there presented 31 border collies
                                                                           Adam - ex.1, CAC, CACIB

20.4. Very good DNA TNS tests results arrived today: Gay Bohemia Alké -  normal
                                                                                   Glare Bohemia Alké - normal
                                                                                   Crazy Foxy Fox - normal
                                                                                   Elsa Foxy Fox - normal
Father of J litter - Nahrof Foreign Fantasy and father of L litter -Hotnote Good News are both also DNA TNS Normal.
All puppies after these parents are TNS DNA Normal.
We hope that even positive results will come soon :o)                                                                  

19.4. There were 6 puppies (3 females and 3 males) born. The proud parents are Elsa Foxy Fox and Oodnadatta True Deal.

18.4. New pics of litter ,, M ".

14. 4. Agility competition Jičín: Babsi -  1st place  LA1.
                                                 Faust - 1st place agility, 2nd place LA3.
                                                 Honey - 6th place agility.

14.4. National dogshow Ostrava: judge J. Dostál CZ, there presented 33 border collies
                                                   Krislyn - ex. 2 - junior dogs
                                                   Karrie - vg 4. -  junior bitches
                                                   Ikeya - ex. 2, r. CAC - open bitches

11.4. New information from Optigen laboratories, Blackie is DNA CEA Normal, Elis Blue is DNA CEA Normal, Jamaica is DNA CEA Carrier.

 9.4. Agility competition Loket: Babsi - 3rd place LA1.

 9.4. New photos of litter ,, M "

 8.4. Karrie passed the exam BH.

 3. 4. New pictures: Happy Chunky, Ikeya, Jamaica, Keary and Lorelyane.

 1.4. Clubshow KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav:  judge - Milan Krinke ( CZ )
                                                                 Babsi - ex.1, CAC
                                                                 Geri - ex. 1, CAC

 1.4. Karrie passed the exam ZZO and Flash passed the exam ZPU1.

30.3. First photos of litter ,, M ".

27.3. Meggi whelped seven puppies - 2 boys and 5 girls. All puppies and mother are doing very well.

25.3. Agility competition Praha: Babsi - 3rd place LA1, 8th place  J1.
                                                  Flash - 8th place LA2.

24.3. Obedience competition Kolín: Keary 2nd place.

17.3. National dogshow Nitra: judge - G. Ridarčíková - SK
                                               Adam - ex.1, CAC

 13.3. Elsa Foxy Fox is pregnant.  More informations about the planned litter here.

 8.3. Lorelyane has new photos.

 7.3. New action photos from agility competitions are in the photogalleries of Flash, Greta and Honey.

 3.- 4.3.  Agility competition Malé Svatoňovice: Flash - 3rd place LA2.
                                                                          Greta -  8th place jumping, 4th place LA1.
                                                                          Honey - 4th place agility, 5th place LA2.

 3.- 4.3. Agility competition Ostrava: Carnaby - 1st place agility.

 4.3. Daryl has 10th birthday, today and she is still in great condition!!!  A new picture was added to Daryl´s page.

20.2. Meggi ( Gay Bohemia Alké ) is pregnant.  More informations about the planned litter here.

10.2. International dogshow Brno: judge - Heidi Poschacher A , there presented 56 border collies
                                                      Krislyn - ex. 1, CAJC - junior dogs
                                                      Keary - ex. 4 - junior dogs
                                                      Ivanhoe - ex. 2, r. CAC - open dogs
                                                      Carnaby - ex.1, CAC, CACIB - champion dogs
                                                      Faust - ex.2, r. CAC - champion dogs
                                                      Karrie - ex. -  junior bitches

 3.- 4.2. Agility competition České Budějovice: Adam - 3rd place LA2, 4th place jumping, 6th place LA2.
                                                                         Flash - 1st place LA2.

 3.2. Information about planning litters were added.

 2.2. We have new dog in our kennel, Lorelyane Foxy Fox - Ely.

27.- 28.1. Agility competition Malé Svatoňovice: Faust - 1st place LA3, 1st place agility, 4th place LA3, 5th place agility.
                                                                            Greta - 8th place LA1.
                                                                            Honey - 2x 7th place agility.

27.1. International dogshow Trenčin: Geri- ex.2, r. CAC. Geri made all requirements to the title Champion SK.

19.1. New pics: Lara, Lorelyane, Kent.

15.1. New pictures: Faust, Ivanhoe, Ikea and Krislyn.

14.1. National dogshow Olomouc: judge - Milan Krinke ( CZ ), there presented 48 border collies
                                                             Krislyn - ex. 3 - junior dogs
                                                             Karrie - ex. -  junior bitches
                                                             Ivanhoe - ex. 2, r. CAC - open dogs
                                                             Faust - ex.1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, 2nd place BIG!!! - champion dogs
                                                             Adam - ex. 3 - champion dogs

 7.1. Pictures of litter,, L" changed.
 6.- 7.1. Agility competition Louny:  Babsi - 1st place LA1, 5th place LA1, 5th place jumping, 5th place agility.
                                                        Ginger - 7th place LA1.
 5.1. Keary has new photos from the snow- slide training of rescue brigade.



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