News 2005
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 29.12. A new photo of Judith.
 28.12. Meggi have birth  seven puppies. More information on ,, K" litter. Interested person in this puppies ( only boys ) please contact me.

 8.12.  A new photo of Ikeya.

 4.12. International dogshow Wels: Honki Tonki - ex.1, CACA.
         Agility competition Dubenec: Faust - 1st place and 3rd place LA3.
 3.12. National dogshow Nowa Ruda: Geri - ex.1, CWC.

27.11. A new photo of Elvis.
23.11. Meggi is pregnant.
20.11. A new picture of Ivanhoe.

12. - 13.11. Agility competition Praha: Faust - 1st place jumping, 4th place open.
12.11. National dogshow Praha: Crazy - ex.2, r. CAC; Geri - ex.2, r. CAC ; Greta - ex.3; Happy Chunky - ex.; Honey -  ex.1, CAC.
         Elvis passed the exam ZOP.
10.11. Ikeya has a new photo.
 7.11. A new pic of Jasper.
         New information about planned ,, K" litter were added.

 6.11. Happy Chunky and Ikeya passed the exam ZZO.
 5. - 6.11.  Agility competition Kladno: Faust - 1st place LA3, 3rd place open, 5th place jumping.
 5.11. International dogshow Nitra: Carnaby - ex. 2, r. CAC.
31.10. Photos of Hudy, Indy and Jamaica changed.

28. - 29.10. Agility competition Hlučín: Faust - 3rd place open, 2x 2nd place jumping, 2x 1st place LA3.
27.10. Meggi /Gay Bohemia Alké / was mated by an austrian gentleman. More info will be soon.

23.10. Gigi passed the exam ZZO and Honey passed the exam ZPU 1.

15.10. Agility competition Plzeň: Babsi  - 3rd place total open + jumping.

 9.10. Photos of Geri and Jupiter changed.
 8.10. International dogshow Ceske Budejovice: Adam - ex.2, r. CAC; Francis - ex.1, CAC; Geri - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB.

1. - 2. 10. Club show & International dogshow Tulln: Honki Tonki - 2x ex.1 and 2x CACA,  she made all requirements to the title Junior champion A !!!
 2.10. Photos of Crazy, Indiana Jones and Jim were changed in litters.
         You can find a new pictures of Daisy & Carnaby in photogallery.
1.10. Elsa and Honey passed the exam ZZO.
28.9. Agility competition Třinec: Carnaby - 1st place LA1.
        Agility competition Klasterec: Babsi - 1st place jumping and 3rd place open.
        Agility competition Praha: Gigi- 4th place LA1.
27.9. Photos of Dajenn, Greta, Indy, Ikeya, Jazz changed.

24.9. Berry Blue passed the exam BH.
        National dogshow Brno: Geri - ex.1, CAC, National winner; Indy - vg.; Ikeya - ex.1, CAJC.
        Agility competition Dubenec:  Faust - 1st place jumping.
21.9. New photos of Jamaica, Jasper & Ice Tornado.
20.9. You can find a lot of new pics of Blackie and Faust in photogallery from the Czech Republic Championship in Agility 2005.

 17.- 18. 9. Agility competition Hradec Kralove: Cairo - 5th place LA2; Elsa - 5th place LA1; Faust - 1st place LA3, 1st place open; 1st place jumping and
                 2nd place jumping; Greta - 2nd place open.

10.9. Regional dogshow Liberec: Felix - ex.1, Regional winner.

 3.9. Agility competition Chlumec: Babsi - 2nd place LA2.
       International dogshow Mladá Boleslav: Casper - ex.1, Best veteran; Faust - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB; Happy Chunky - ex.3;
       Honey - ex.1, CAJC.  Honey made all requirements to the title Junior champion CZ.

28.8. Foxy Fox meeting took place.
        International dogshow Innsbruck: Honki Tonki - ex.1, Junior winner
27.8. Elvis passed the exam ZVOP.

20.8. We added new pictures of ,, J" litter at age 7 weeks.
        Agility competition Zamberk: Greta - 1st place LA1; Faust - 3rd place LA3.
19.8. Agility competition Vetrkovice: Carnaby - 1st place LA1.

14.8. Photos of litter ,, J" changed.
        Agility competition Kladno: Gigi passed the exam LA1.
        Club show Felixdorf / A / : Honki Tonki - ex.2.

 8.8.  New photos of Daisy, Iff Spookie and  photos of litter ,, J" changed.
 7.8.  Faust passed the exam IPO1.
 6.8. Club show Brno: /No of entry 113 / The Foxy Fox is apprecitated  at show  by The Best kennel.
        Adam - ex. ; Berry Blue - ex.3, Babsi - ex. ; Carnaby - ex. 4; Crazy - ex. 2, r. CAC; Faust - ex.1, CAC; Flash - ex.3;
        Francis - ex.1, CAC, Club Winner; Geri -ex. ;  Honey - ex.4; Honki Tonki - ex.2;
        Ivanhoe - vp. 2, Iff Spookie - vp. 3; Indiana Jones - vp. ; Ikeya - vp3; Casper - ex.1, Best veteran.

31.7. International dogshow Oberwart: Honki Tonki - ex.1, Junior winner.
30.7. Agility competition Jaromer: Blackie - 1st place LA2; Faust - 2nd place jumping.
        Agility competition Zlín: Carnaby - 2nd place open.
        Photos of litter ,, J" changed.

26.7. A new photo of Ivanhoe.
23. - 24. 7. Agility competition Mladá Boleslav : Blackie - 1st place jumping; Flash - 3rd place LA1.
               Agility competition Kardasova Recice: Faust - 1st place jumping.
23.7. National dogshow Mladá Boleslav: Crazy - ex.1, CAC; Geri - ex.2, r. CAC; Honey - ex. 1, CAJC.
        New photos of litter ,, J".

18.7. 28th August, the second meeting of Foxy Fox kennel will be realized in Pardubice

10.7.New photos of litter ,, J".
 7.7. Photos of Isko and Honey changed.
5.- 6.7.Agility competition Dubenec: Blackie - 2nd place LA2; Faust - 1st place LA3 and 1st place open; Greta - 2nd place open.

 2.7.  Glare have birth  seven puppies - litter ,, J".
         International dogshow Brno: Berry - ex.4; Cairo - ex.2, r. CAC; Carnaby - ex.3; Faust - ex.1, CAC, CACIB; Flash - ex.3;
         Francis - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB; Geri - ex.1, CAC; Greta - ex.2, r. CAC; Indy - promising. Faust made all requirements to the title Interchampion.
29.6.  Photo of Iowa changed.

25. - 26.6. Agility competition Kadan: Faust - 1st place LA3, 1st place jumping; Flash - 2nd place LA1.
26.6. Carnaby passed the exam ZOP.

20.6.  New photos of Indy, Ice Tornado to litter ,, I" and Adam, Berry, Ivanhoe to photogallery.
18.6. Agility competition Chlumec: Faust - 1st place LA3 & 1st place open, Greta - 1st place LA1.
        Agility competition Brno: Adam - 3rd place open.
        Cairo & Elsa passed the exam ZPU1, Flinstone & Honey  passed the exam ZOP.
        Regional dogshow Sobeslav: Happy Chunky - exellent 1, Junior winner.

13.6.New pics of Ivanhoe, Iff Spookie to litter ,, I" and Faust to photogallery
11. - 12.6. Border collie Championship Czech Republic in aglity, obedience and protection: Adam - 1st place and Faust - 2nd place.
10.6. Photo of Ikeya changed.
        New photos of Faust, Crazy, Hopkirk and Happy Chunky added to photogallery.

 5.6. Crispy passed the exam ZM.
        Agility competition Zbraslav: Faust - 3rd place jumping.
 4.6. New pic of Hood.
 3.6. Eurodogshow Tulln:
       Faust - ex.1, CACA
       Francis - ex.2., r. CACA
       Honki Tonki - ex.

31.5. Photo of Isko changed.
28. -29.5. Agility competition Jihlava: Adam 1st place and 3rd place LA 2.
28.5. Agility competition Ryzmburk: Faust- 2nd place LA3.
25.5. Glare will have puppies with Nahrof Foreing Fantasy. They will be born about 28.6.. More information on Litters "F"-"J" . Interested person in this
        puppies please contact me.

22.5. New photos of Iff Spookie, Faust and Hopkirk.
21.5. Agility competition Hradec Kralove: Faust- 1st place LA2, open and jumping!! Elsa- 2nd place LA1; Elis Blue- 4th place LA1; Greta- 5th place LA1.
        International dogshow Litomerice: Geri - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB.

15.5. Geri passed the exam ZOP.
        National dogshow Jelenia Gora: Flash - ex.1, CAC.
        National dogshow Kielce: Carnaby- ex.1, CAC.
14.5.Carnaby passed the exam ZVOP ( instinct test )
       Agility competition Sezemice: Faust - 1st place LA2.

 8.5. National dogshow Banska Bystrica: Berry Blue - ex.2, r. CAC; Carnaby - ex.1, CAC; Ivanhoe -  very promising 1.
       Club´s dogshow KCHMP Mlada Boleslav: Faust - ex.1, CAC,Club Winner; Francis - ex.1, CAC; Geri - ex. 2, r. CAC; Greta - ex.1, CAC, Gigi - vg.
 7.5. Regional dogshow Hlucin: Carnaby - ex.1, Regional winner.
        Regional dogshow Praha: Happy Chunky - exellent 2.
        Photo of Iowa changed.

  1.5. Crispy passed the exam BH.
30.4. International dogshow Praha: Adam- ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB; Carnaby - ex.2, r.CAC; Crazy - ex.1, CAC; Elsa - ex.4; Francis - ex.1, CAC, r.CACIB;
        Faust - ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 3rd place BIG; Geri - ex. 2, r.CAC; Huckelberry - ex. ; Honey - ex.1, CAJC.
        Casper - ex.1, Best veteran, 4th place Best veteran in dogshow.
        Agility competition  Rychnov n/ K: Blackie - 1st place jumping and 1st place open.
        New photos of Casper and Ikeya.

24.4. Agility competition Ceske Budejovice: Adam - 1st place jumping and 4th place LA2.
        New pic of Indiana Jones.
23.4. Agility competition Dubenec: Faust - 1st place open.
        International dogshow Opole: Carnaby - ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.
        International dogshow Ceske Budejovice: Adam - ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB; Francis - ex.1, CAC, CACIB.
        Photo of Iowa changed
21.4. New photos of Flash and Isko.

16.4. Regional dog show Hradec Kralove: Crazy - exellent 1,Regional winner, Flinstone - exellent 1,Regional winner, Greta - exellent 1.
        Faust passed the exam ZPU 2.
        Photos of Berry Blue, Crazy, Greta and Ivanhoe changed.      

10.4. New photos of Ivanhoe and Ginger.
  9.4. Regional dog show Mlada Boleslav: Crazy - exellent 1,Regional winner.

 4.4. Photos of Iff Spookie and Indy changed.
 2.4. New photos of Ikeya and Indiana Jones.
       Agility competition Bruntal: Faust - 2nd place LA2 and 2nd place Jumping.

27.3. Crispy passed the exam ZOP.
26.3. New photos of Ice Tornado, Iff Spookie, Ivanhoe and Iowa.

19.3. National dogshow Ostrava: Carnaby - ex.1, CAC; Faust - ex.1, CAC, National winner, BOB, 4th place BIG.
17.3. New photos of Ice Tornado and Ikeya.

12.3. Agility competition Bruntal: Faust - 1st place LA1, jumping and open.
12.3. National dogshow Nitra: Berry Blue - ex.1, CAC; Carnaby - ex.1, CAC; Geri - ex.1, CAC.
        Carnaby made all requirements to the title Champion Slovakia.
11.3. New photos of Indy, Iff Spookie and a pic added to photo album of Iowa.

 6.3. International dogshow Graz: Honki Tonki - ex.3.

4.3.  New photos of Iowa & Isko.

27.2. Photo of Iff Spookie changed.
26.2. Agility competition Jablonne: Greta - 1st place jumping.
25.2. New photos of Casper and a photo added to photogallery of Hood.

12.2. International dogshow Brno: Adam - ex.2, r.CAC; Engie Blue - ex.; Faust - ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB; Geri - ex.2, r. CAC; Happy Chunky - ex.;  
        Casper- ex.1, Best veteran. Faust performed conditions for Czech Champion conferment on this show. It’s the third Champion title in less
        then two years old.

 9.2. Litter "I" have  a negative test of CEA. 
       Photos added to photogallery of Gigi and Chunky.
 8.2. Photo of Faust changed.

 6.2. New photos of litter I.
5.- 6.2. Agility competition Ceske Budejovice: Cairo - 1st place and 3rd place LA1.

28.1. International dogshow Trencin: Carnaby - ex.1, CAC; Faust - ex.1, CAC, CACIB; Flash - ex.2; Geri - ex.1, CAC; Francis - ex.1, CAC, r. CACIB.
        Faust and Francis made all requirements to the title Champion Slovakia.
        New photos of litter I.
27.1. A new photo of Francis.

22.1. National dogshow Glogow: Faust - ex.1, CWC, BOB; Flash - ex.3; Greta - ex.2.
        Faust made all requirements to the title Champion Poland.
21.1. New photos of litter I .

14.1. New photos of litter I and Hudy.

 9.1. Agility competition Louny: Adam - 2nd place open.
 8.1. A new pic of Honey.
 7.1. New photos of litter I pets added.
 6.1. New pictures of Happy Chunky and Hood added to the litter H.


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